10 Reasons You Don't Need FreightSavvy's Blog

In case you were wondering if you should be reading this blog or not I’m going to make it easy for you. There are at least 10 reasons why someone should NOT read freightsavvy.com. I’m listing them in no certain order but the second you see one that applies I would advise a hasty escape. For your safety when you do find a reason that applies to you the exits are marked by red “X”’s and black “<--“’s. Please proceed with caution toward the first available exit and do not run or toss children and old ladies aside (Looking at you, Constanza).

Reason #10...

10 - You prefer your dose of logistics  to be a straight shot - not mixed with Americana or other such Tomfoolery.

  A purist eh? Respect. 

9 - You’ve never shipped anything, never plan to ship anything and do not receive packages of any sort ever. 

  The red X is at the top. 

8 - A delivery man scared you when you were younger and/or kicked your dog.

  You are excused. I have friends with clown issues so I get it.

7 - You don’t like dogs. 

  Speaking of dogs there are two types of blogs - dog blogs and cat blogs. This is a dog blog. If a delivery man kicked your dog (See #4) and you secretly liked him because of it this relationship probably won’t work out.

6 - You believe  all shipping is or should be free

  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeneid  Go get you some Virgil and don’t get fooled again!

5 - You don’t like to be mildly amused.

  I’m speechless.

4 - You believe Startups are a waste of time; are for hippies; are for hipsters; is a term referring to a lawn-mower.

  In some cases these are all true, perhaps we should both re-evaluate. 

3 - You need more regularity in this relationship.

  I’m sorry but once a month and on different days is the most I can offer...

2 - Everytime you see the word “Savvy” you think of "Pirates of the Caribbean” and then get sad that Johnny Depp got so weird since 21 Jump Street (The original for you kiddies).

   I accept full blame for this and responsibility for not foreseeing this issue ahead of time.

1 - You can’t take me seriously after reading this list.

  Cannot blame you there but...

If you’re still reading we are a match made in heaven!! Please stay tuned for my next post about why Amazon Prime is robbing us all blind!