Important Blizzard Info

Winter Storms

Major storm coming  - please keep in mind...

There is a "potentially historic" storm en route to the Northeast. We have spoken to our vendors in New England and the general consensus is that pickups and deliveries will be made today (Monday). BUT, most freight companies will not (Probably cannot) run linehaul tonight and possibly not even until Wednesday. Pickups & deliveries on Tuesday & Wednesday are also up in the air. Sorry to be the canary in the coal mine!

What does this mean?

Major Disruptions for us here in the northeast. If you ship something out today it is not going to be on time. If you are expecting something Tuesday or Wednesday it is not going to be on time. There is a good chance no trucks can get out or in tonight through tomorrow evening which affects linehaul but it also clogs up the freight system for a few days after.

Guarantees for LTL will most likely not be honored during this time due to weather related delays. Also, carriers will most likely not honor any guaranteed shipments that pickup today for the same reason.

What can you do?

If you have time sensitive material that needs come in or go out please contact me directly to help you make other plans. Or start preparing those who are not in the know of the delays.

One potential solution, if you have some time, is to wait until the storm clears and then send a shipment by air or expedited ground to make up time. 

Please contact me if you want to discuss a specific situation or talk about a shipment you are expecting. I will be available as always 24/7 (You can reach me direct at any time on my cell phone at 802-558-2187).

Stay safe!