Do You Have a Freight Guy?

for: LTL × Expedite × air freight × Truckload × international

Hi, I’m Chris. Need a Freight Guy?

Hi, I’m Chris. Need a Freight Guy?

What if you could:

  • Leave work on time knowing shipping is all set

  • Stop dreading calls & emails about freight

  • Have a single contact for ANY freight problem

Good news…You can!


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Your best freight shipping experience ever or your shipment is free. 


Do You Use?:

LTL  |  Air freight  | Ground expedite | Truckload  |  international | Warehousing

What Can We Do For You?

carrier negotiation | Free Online TMS | NMFC# Research | BOL Prep | scheduling

inbound shipment management | tracking | invoice audit | claims management

Who Can We Help?

Manufacturers  |   Ebay Shippers    |    Distributors  |   Startups   |   Small Businesses  

Get Ready to Ship Freight


I’d Love to Try This, But…

“My customers are really picky and the deliveries are complicated | No problem! I assure you we can handle it.

“My budget doesn’t have room for a freight guy” | Actually, we’re super competitive and there’s no additional fees.

“I already have a guy for my int’l shipments” | Great! Keep them close, we’re pumped to help with your domestic.

“I just don’t have time to set this up” | Setup is about 20 minutes. You’ll see an 6-8x ROI on your time in the first 2-3 weeks.

“I already check pricing with 13 brokers for every shipment” | We won’t be a good fit for you. Please do not request an account with us.

“I ship 100 LTL/day, my full time job is to manage freight and I have contracts w/ LTL Carriers already” | This service is not for you.

“I’m not a business I just need to ship something big” | Our service is for businesses only, please contact a moving company.

What’s In It For Me?

Reduce Scheduling Time

Setting up a successful freight shipment takes time. Chris' team understands each client's individual requirements so, they can capture & organize this information on client's behalf.


Eliminate Headaches

As a third-party freight company, we are the first point of contact for vendor shipping issues. Our freight delivery services include resolving freight shipment issues quickly and professionally without involving you unless necessary, allowing you to stay focused on the rest of your business.

Reduce Costs

You’ll get enterprise-level freight shipping rates through RR Donnelley®, a Fortune 250 global shipping company. Your freight is managed professionally and you’ll still save money over doing it yourself.

Single Point of Contact

As your third-party logistics freight provider, we happily handle all your freight shipping needs – regional, national and international; LTL, truckload, air freight, ground expedite or ocean. Simplify your business by having all your freight shipments managed through a single point of contact.

Still Not Convinced?

Customer Testimonials:

"I went to DLS Worldwide because we were having a lot of operational and invoice issues using another freight broker. Chris and his 3PL team not only handle any problems that come up over the course of a shipment but Chris has also become a trusted advisor for navigating freight invoice issues."

-Jason Mello (Warehouse Manager)
Trivex Trading, Inc., OEM Sales


"Chris & his team seamlessly coordinate with my shipping vendors around the country to setup & manage my inbound freight shipments so I can focus on the bigger picture of running my business. If there are any shipping problems I know I can contact Chris and he will take care of them promptly."

-Gail Richman (Dir. PROC. & Dist.)
Hampshire House, eCommerce


"I really appreciate the customer service and personal touch that Chris and his team at DLS Worldwide has provided in helping us to expand our freight shipping options, reducing man hours and overall freight spend.  Shipping freight is now easier, quicker, and priced competitively. 

The degree of “personal relationship” has been brought to a whole new level.  The excellent customer service and top notch skills make shipping a smooth experience and their response time is exceptional."

-Vic Giglio (President)
Data ED, Electronics Manufacturer




If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience we’ll refund your first shipment up to $500. Guaranteed.