Hey, I’m Chris. Do you have a “Shipping Guy”?

Hey, I’m Chris. Do you have a “Shipping Guy”?

Have you ever said:

Why are my shipments always a dumpster fire?

I don’t have time for this!

I wish I could just snap my fingers and be done with this BS.


You’re not cursed, it’s just shipping….

And you have the power to free yourself.

My Mission:

Be your shipping guy

Make your problems go away

Make your customers love you

Claw back your time and make you more money!




You saying: Man, I freaking love that freight guy!

And: I don’t have to do anything and shipping takes care of itself

Or: Freight issue? I’ll call Chris


How much more money could you make if your team had a dedicated logistics person?

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What’s in it for you?:

Choose your own adventure:

(1) A peaceful extra hour of sleep in the morning, (2) a sun-filled sandy beach vacation with your family and (3) destroying your sales numbers this year.


(1) an extra sweat session, (2) a delicious Filet Mignon at a 5-star steak house and (3) a gleaming GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT w/ leather that your neighbor can’t afford.

Or maybe it’s something else. You choose what to do with your extra hour/day, additional “0” on your paycheck and your blissful feet-on-the-desk afternoons.

But, how does this get you all that?

  1. Time: Once we learn your “rules” we can handle any shipping issue for you. Just say, “talk to my shipping guy” or “Chris, take care of this” or “Chris, send that here”. Done ✅. Instead of blowing off your afternoon sales calls to chase down a rogue shipment, you will be busy closing deals. Shit happens in shipping. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it.

  2. Money: Once you stop having to track shipments during coffee, make BOL’s while eating a sandwich and chase late carriers at 4PM you’ll have free time for more productive things…like getting more clients! More clients = more money. Or maybe, your priority is spending more time with you family. Great! More time = more kids’ baseball games and lasagna.

  3. Happiness: Stress is the thief of joy. Just when you think you can actually sneak out of the office on time, inevitably the phone rings. Not again. Your customer hasn’t gotten his shipment yet today and he needs you to check on it right away. If you don’t have a shipping guy, you’re not going anywhere. But, if I’m your shipping guy, have a great night! We’ll call you if we need you.


Shit happens in shipping. But that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it.

But, why though?

What makes me truly happy is making you happy.

  • 💰Not aware of a new charge on an invoice? Have us waive it the first time.

  • ⏳Hot shipment for a new customer? Shoot a text from your couch on a Saturday and let me know what needs to happen.

  • 💡Need advice on a rogue shipment with another broker? Call me. Seriously, I’d love to help, it’s part of the package.

Put my 14 years of shipping experience to work for you and get back to closing deals.

So, how do we operate?

At first, we’ll be learning your business, your rules and figuring out which carriers work best for you. We’ll ask you for lots of input and feedback. But after a couple weeks you can just call the shots while we execute. We can handle shipping while you sit on your deck with a beer in one hand and grill tongs in the other. Hey, who wants a hot dog?

Give me a shot to be your freight guy and shift your business into the next gear. You will never have to personally deal with a shipping problem again. Still not convinced? Check out our ridiculous money-back guarantee and try us out with zero risk. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Chris Facey, Owner
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